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                COCONUT CHIPS TOASTED - baked not fried

                ANDY ALBAO CocoWonder COCONUT CHIPS TOASTED is produced of mature coconut, oven toasted with about 80% crispiness. Our Coconut Chips Toasted has authentic and rich in coco-nutty flavor, no off taste & odor which is classified as PREMIUM QUALITY. Coconut Chips Toasted is a favorite snack and also use in baking, added to cereal and among others. Coconut Chips Toasted has dietary fiber content of about 70% which help cleansing digestive systems and heaps preventing colon cancer which considered as FUNCTIONAL FOOD & SUPERFOOD. Coconut Chips Toasted is Certified 100% Organic, Gluten Free, High Dietary Fiber, Cholesterol Free, Non-Transfat and Non-GMO and processed without Artificial Ingredients or Chemical Additives that considered as the HEALTHIEST, PUREST, CLEANEST and SAFEST Coconut Chips. Our Coconut Chips Toasted are available in Plain, Sweetened, Salted Caramel.?

                SHELF LIFE:?Guaranteed for 12 Months, but tested for 15 Months as maximum, when stored in clean and dry area at room temperature.

                INGREDIENTS:?Coconut Meat, Coconut Nectar Sugar and? Sea Salt?

                PRODUCTION CAPACITY - 20 metric tons per month and can easily double

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                COCONUT CHIPS CRISPY VS. CORN CHIPS & POTATO CHIPS?- Corn and Potato are containing starch that has high in Carbohydrates. At the same time, most of them are GMO and using high volume of Chemical Pesticide and Chemical Fertilizer.

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