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                Distilled MCT VIRGIN COCONUT OIL - Sports & Body Nutrition, Medical & Medicinal Usages

                ANDY ALBAO CocoWonder Certified 100% Organic MCT VIRGIN COCONUT OIL C8/C10 Premium?was produced from Organic Coconut that processed through Slow Distillation which considered as the Cleanest Way in separation of Liquid Oil from Solid Fat. Our MCT Virgin Coconut Oil C8/C10 Premium is always liquid even in colder temperature, has colorless, odorless and tasteless. Our Distilled MCT Virgin Coconut Oil Premium was tested in Europe as very low 3-MCPD, No Carbon Toxin and Free from any Mineral Oil. With this our MCT Virgin Coconut Oil C8/C10 Premium is highly recommended and highly suitable for medical and medicinal purposes. CocoWonder MCT Virgin Coconut Oil C8/C10 Premium is primarily used by Pharmaceuticals as body nutrition, energy booster for athletes, food supplement for patients for early recovery, used as functional ingredients for other food supplement. MCT Virgin Coconut Oil C8/C10 Premium is widely used as carrier oil for oral liquid medicine and carrier oil for injectable liquid medicine. Our MCT Virgin Coconut Oil C8/C10 Premium was processed without chemical and considered as the HEALTHIEST, PUREST, CLEANEST & SAFEST MCT Oil available in the market.?

                SHELF LIFE - Guaranteed for 2 Years, but tested for 2.5 years as maximum, and stored in clean and dry area at room temperature.

                INGREDIENT/S – Organic Virgin Coconut Oil derived from Organic Matured Coconut

                PRODUCTION CAPACITY:?50 tons per month??