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                ANDY ALBAO CocoWonder Cold Pressed ODORLESS VIRGIN COCONUT OIL is all purpose virgin coconut oil and produced from matured coconut meat and undergo? Non-Heated Air Vacuum Deodorization process to remove or lessen the Coconut Taste and odor. Odorless Virgin Coconut Oil has colorless, and almost odorless and tasteless, sediments free and very low in moisture that classified as PREMIUM QUALITY. CocoWonder Odorless Virgin Coconut Oil is widely use in Pharmaceutical as food supplement, in Restaurant & Food Industry as salad dressing and for cooking, widely use? in Cosmetics & Personal Care Product Industry as main and ingredients for bar soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, moisturizer? and among others. Our Odorless Virgin Coconut Oil is Certified 100% Organic, Cholesterol Free, Non-GMO, Non-RBD, Non-Hydrogenated, No Chemical use during process which considered as the HEALTHIEST, PUREST, CLEANEST & SAFEST all purpose Virgin Coconut Oil.

                SHELF LIFE:??Guaranteed 2.5 years shelf life, but tested for 3 years. Need to stored in clean and dry area at room temperature.

                INGREDIENTS:?Matured Coconut Meat

                MAXIMUM CAPACITY?- 180,000 liters per month and can easily double.?



                    ?EXPELLER VIRGIN COCONUT OIL – Lowest price, mass production, high yield output and believes to be the finest coconut oil with good taste and aroma.

                      ?RAW VIRGIN COCONUT OIL – Higher price, slow? process, low yield output and believes to be higher nutrients content with live enzyme.?

                        ?ODORLESS & CULINARY VIRGIN COCONUT OIL -? Higher price,??slow? process, low yield output and all purpose with wide of applications.??